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Building a national cybersecurity ecosystem, which support of the cyber industry investment.

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Brings the highly experienced eco-solutions from a wide range of skills- Cybersecurity arena, finance & investment consultants, innovation tech, HLS & intelligence leaders, Sectoral and expert’s futurist.

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Our comprehensive large strategic view is based on building a robust cybersecurity ecosystem between “GOAI.”
Innovation view. We believe in vital technology innovation to make the best solution to

Our Partnership

Our “playground” model is unique excellence of center for a “real field proof of concept to improve startups product and strategy.

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We are raising funds to invest in seed and pre-seed stages Cyber and Tech start-ups in Israel – which respond to our predicted trends in 2025 and are expected to become leaders in their fields to grow the start-ups into profitable corporations.

Cybersecurity ecosystem

The establishment of a national cyber system embodies a federal defense doctrine that strives to prevent attribution scenarios for damage to critical infrastructure and the country’s fabric of life.

Cyber crisis

Cyber Crisis is an unusual situation that causes a shutdown of an organization’s business continuity due to a cyber-attack or a breach and stealing/encrypted susceptible Data.

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latest news

Will the line of defense ever be breached?

In the last few years, we are witnessed sophisticated cyber-attacks made by crime organizations and countries.The attackers are more aggressive and fewer ethics with cyber operational abilities and high hand technology.

Israeli Cyber start-up industry – why is it so hot and still warm?

In 2020 we saw the Israeli cyber industry “explosion” with almost 3-billion-dollar investment. What are the key factors that helped the Israeli cyber continue grow-up and why will these trends continue in the future?

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