About Franco Group

Franco group is at the forefront of global innovation in cyber and digital solutions.

 Our expertise brings experience eco-solutions highly from a wide range of skills.

  • Startup boutique investment
  • National cybersecurity development and consulting
  • Cyber crisis management

We are working with our partners and client’s shoulder to shoulder to build maximum value and profit.


Our values

Business Excellence

We make the best efforts to bring customers and partners the most innovative, professional, and profitable solutions.

Human Excellence

We act with commitment, dedication, transparency, fairness, and mutual trust with customers, partners, and investors in the company, while maintaining the company’s sustainability values and work environment.


Technological Excellence –we work to achieve technological value while locating and extracting groundbreaking technologies that will affect individuals and society.

Cyber-Security Excellence

We work to bring our partners solutions of unique security value by building operational advantages for facing different threats.  

Social Excellence

We work to promote Israel as a global technology power, fostering advanced and innovative technologies and elite human capital for the welfare of society and humanity.