Building a national cybersecurity ecosystem

The establishment of a national cyber system embodies a federal defense doctrine that strives to prevent attribution scenarios for damage to critical infrastructure and the country’s fabric of life.
Countries organized in terms of national power to protect their cyberspace enable better functional continuity of essential services of electricity, energy, natural gas, and essential services such as transportation, government, health, finance, and communications.
All these enable the management of a developing, advanced, and digitalized country.
Creating a national defense system is a complex and crucial work for the state.

Orchestra construction for national defense results from understanding operational processes, developing capability with the local and international industry, training highly skilled and high-quality technological human capacity that enables defensive superiority, and continually sharing with international defensive value information elements.

Critical infrastructure is the basics of modern life:

Water facilities, electricity power, gas, oil, airports, railway, naval, banks, stock market, government, there are just examples of our modern life.
Each country and sector want to protect the business continuity from the potential damage of cyber-attack according to the following parameters:
• Large Scale of casualties and human lives loss
• Severe damage to the national economy
• Severe damage to essential civil services
• Impact on Governance services
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