Investment Strategy


We are raising funds to invest in seed and pre-seed stages Cyber and Tech start-ups in Israel – which respond to our predicted trends in 2025 and are expected to become leaders in their fields to grow the start-ups into profitable corporations.
We invest in Israeli cybersecurity and technology entrepreneurs who plan to build longer-lasting businesses around solutions that tackle the industry’s most extensive problems – not only today but of the future.

Our Vision​

Promote digital progress and innovation which is smart, safe, and secure.

Our Mission​

Bring our partners the most “blue oceans” investments.


  • Wide range of solutions that are fit for large worldwide economies.
  • Future – Next-generationNext-generation trends.
  • Usability – Maximum impact on daily lives.


• Adversarial AI, AI
• Personal Cyber
• Nutritional security
• Water tech protection
• COVID-19 – a result of global changing

  • Robotic Process Automation & Drones
    • IoT and OT
    • Risk Sector
    • Phishing, Ransomware, identity, Face Recognition.

• Anti-fake news
• Intelligence and decision making (DP)
• Getting ready for the new G6
• Quantum security
• Space security

The Investment Process:​

the investment process

Why us

Our Expertise

Brings the highly experienced eco-solutions from a wide range of skills- Cybersecurity arena, finance & investment consultants, innovation tech, HLS & intelligence leaders, Sectoral and expert’s futurist.

Our Collaboration

Our comprehensive large strategic view is based on building a robust cybersecurity ecosystem between “GOAI.”
Innovation view. We believe in vital technology innovation to make the best solution to

Our Partnership

Our “playground” model is unique excellence of center for a “real field proof of concept to improve startups product and strategy.