Refael Franco

Experienced Leadership with one-of-a-kind Cyber related Network

Founded by MR Refael Franco – former Deputy General Director of Israel National Directorate , Under Prime Minister most-senior ranking Israeli cyber official.
In this role he was in charge for the overall cyber robustness of the Israeli civil domain, the national critical infrastructures, government institutes, Israeli sectors and the election process. Refael lead the national efforts on cyber regulations, methodologies, training, awareness and the development of human capital. In his capacity he had oversaw ‘Identification and Biometrics Applications. 

Refael established the relationship between INCD to High-Tec industry association.

Before that he was the Executive Director, Regulation and Training Division at the Israel National Cyber Security Authority, where he developed ‘Israeli Defense Strategic Methodology’.
Prior to that Refael served for 20 years in the Israel Security Agency (ISA) in a verity of positions.

With unparallel connections to every Cyber related player in the country – Franco has the access and outlook which allows to “connect the dots” and predict the face of Cyber in the future – and so locate, invest and grow those start-ups which respond to these trends.

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