Land Of Endless Technological Possibilities

Land Of Endless Technological Possibilities

Israel is considered a technological power on a global scale; how did such a young country become a global technological influencer?

Is it a process of a scarcity of natural resources that has given rise to a technological alternative and compensation for lack, or are these the “Jewish” genes of entrepreneurship and commerce that have been planted in us during thousands of years of exile or the security situation that forces us to constantly think of creative and innovative solutions until these become our second nature of turning lemon into lemonade and finding solutions to all the problems of the world.

Doubtful with there is no one factor alone, and surely there are others.

How to define a technology power?

In my opinion, technology capability is measured by three meaningful measures:

  • First and foremost is the amount of innovative developments and solutions that have been adopted in the world and are helping humanity.
  • Second, solutions in a wide range of diverse sectors. For example; security, agriculture, health, high-tech, digital and more.
  • Third, the ability to maintain superiority over time (to realize the first and second clauses) and keep your status as a leader.
    It means high investment in human capital infrastructure, promotion of research and development in academia, greenhouses, innovation arenas, and increased support for startups.

Israel is indeed a tech-power, the land of endless technological possibilities.

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The author is a former deputy director-general – INCD
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